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Enable’s product business is solely dedicated to building commercial, enterprise grade SaaS applications and associated support of these products. Our product team are a talented and creative group of professionals, focusing on the aim to automate business processes and bring consumer like experience to the workplace. We are a Technology Partner with ServiceNow and build applications for the ServiceNow Store.

Our products


CreatorDoc, the first product made available by Enable on the ServiceNow Store, was also the winner of the best business application at the Knowledge 16 Hackathon in Las Vegas. CreatorDoc will change the way you work. The CreatorDoc app automates document creation and management in ServiceNow. And it is customised to your company, business unit, team, individual employees, customers, suppliers and partners. CreatorDoc removes repeated and manual processes, reduces administration time and removes human error so your team is free to focus on its core role.

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Enable’s EvacuApp leverages your existing ServiceNow platform to manage and monitor building evacuations during fire drills or real emergencies. In an evacuation, it will monitor the employees and visitors who are linked to each of your facilities. You can also track visitors using the optional visitor management app by Enable. The app also allows you to initiate fire drills or evacuations using an intuitive interface.

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VisitUs App is for modern organisations. Fully integrated with your existing ServiceNow instance, the Visitor Management App allows for rapid and seamless tracking of visitors at each of your corporate locations. Visitors can quickly register using a touch screen device such as an iPad. When they check in for the first time, their details are stored in ServiceNow for the next time. During subsequent visits to your premises, visitors simply start to type their name, and the app will automatically retrieve their details. The app will also notify the visitor’s host (by an automated email or SMS) that their guests have arrived.

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SpeakEzy is a configurable ServiceNow app that allows a user to execute voice commands for any service requests they have configured on the app.

As a result an organisation can take their 10 most common manual requests and automate those for easy use and speedy resolution.

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TalentEnabler makes light work of your talent acquisition and recruitment processes and workflows.  This versatile ServiceNow app will provide you with a set of features to assist you with a range of processes to streamline the process of recruitment, from initial candidate attraction and profiling to intelligent search and candidate matching algorithms.

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