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Maintaining a sense of connection, wellness and fun

As Australia starts to see the light at the end of the COVID tunnel, we are slowly starting to enjoy the lifting of restrictions that have had a huge impact on our working world. The term ‘new normal’ has been used heavily over the last 10 weeks as we moved from offices to homes to keep our staff and our community safe. As we planning the slow transition back to the office in some of our regions in the coming months, and it’s given us time to reflect on how we were able to keep connection a priority during this time.

We are a global team and work seamlessly no matter our geography. Being a technology business, were able to adjust quickly to the way of working.  Our consultants continued to focus on or customers’ needs by achieving project success without skipping a beat, continuing to celebrate successful project “go lives” and welcome new customers on their own ServiceNow journey.

We also learned that being 100% online did not mean we needed to lose connection – and at Enable, we really know how to have fun! Over the last 10 weeks, we have enjoyed an excess of fun online social activities with our colleagues that have focused on learning about each other, supporting each other and ensuring we are all well and healthy : from Friday night pub quizzes to virtual cooking classes. Here are some of the ways we have maintained a sense of connection, wellness and fun with our colleagues and customers during COVID-19:



Virtual Cooking Classes

Sydney Team Challenge / Roti Making Melbourne classFrom Master Chef-style cooking challenges to roti making classes, our Melbourne and Sydney teams learned some new skills and enjoyed so iso cooking together.

Enable Pub Friday

Each Friday we enjoyed a well-deserved drink together, virtually of course. We also participated in a brilliant general knowledge quiz. Hosted by Bruce Hara, Enable CEO questions written by his two super smart children. An invitation was extended to some of our customers and ServiceNow representatives to join in on all the fun.

15 Minute Magic Time

Enable’s Head of Delivery, Davina Simpson, created an amazing initiative where all 250 Enablers get to meet a colleague from another location. 15 Minute Magic Time randomly selects two Enablers each week to meet online and get to know their colleagues, where ever they are in the world.

Zoom Filters/Fancy Friday

Some of our colleagues let their creativity fly, finding fun ways to add filters their video ( Snap Filter Link) and turn their own video into a potato, a pickle, an Elf King or a unicorn. Others joined Friday night pubs in a full tux to bring a little class to the evening.

Launched LinkedIn Learn

While we are all working hard, the Head of People and Culture, Rachel Sparkes, proudly launched our new arm in our training tool kit. Launching LinkedIn learn to our Enablers to develop their soft skills

Album Challenge

A challenge was thrown down by our Head of CASE, Ian White, to recreate album covers of their favourite musician. The Friday night presentation was met with hysterical laughter as we enjoyed the creative pursuits of our colleagues.


Fitness Friday session

As most of us live in capital cities, our usual commute to work is via public transport while we have a little more time available we may not be getting in as much exercise as we did pre COVID-19- the Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane teams encouraged each other to keep moving by hosting fitness sessions and team meetings while out walking.

Hackathon Challenges

Participation in Hackathons in collaboration with key customers x 3

Not one, not two but three Hackathons, our teams participated in the ACS Hackathon and had two team submission to ServiceNow’s Social Good Hackathon.

As we safely start to transition back to our offices, we are excited about connecting with other Enablers IRL (in real life).



IN THE NEWS – Partner Spotlight

When Bruce Hara launched Enable in 2014, the Australian tech entrepreneur’s goal was to bring consumer-grade software experiences to the workplace.

It wasn’t until he hired his first employee, Josh Bateson, who suggested they partner with ServiceNow to help propel the new business, that he realized the power of the Now Platform. Today Enable is a valued ServiceNow partner that helps organizations throughout the Asia-Pacific region achieve their digital transformation goals.

Based in Sydney, Enable has offices across Australia and in Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand. They also have delivery teams in India, operating out of facilities in Bangalore and Noida. Enable was recently honored as ServiceNow’s APJ Elite Partner of the Year for 2020.

Enable has about 200 customers. The firm has a strong presence in telecommunications, banking and insurance, the energy sector, and the public sector, where it works with state and federal governments across Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Hara’s team helps clients in functions ranging from customer service and human resources, to governance risk and compliance, and security. They also have strong capability in IT Service and Operations Management, having been ServiceNow’s 2019 APJ IT Workflow Partner of the Year.

We called Hara to learn how Enable has managed through the COVID-19 pandemic, and to get his take on business conditions in the region. Below are edited excerpts from our conversation.

Person drinking coffee

How is your business holding up during this crisis?

We’ve held up very well across all our offices. It’s been a significant challenge, but I’m incredibly proud of our team. We’re fortunate that we’re an organization that lives and breathes digital transformation. So, our teams already had the ability to work from anywhere. Since the pandemic began, we’ve done everything remotely, from kicking off new projects to celebrating ‘go lives’ with customers.

It’s been a perfect showcase of our methodology, The Enable Way, which we use to deliver projects and engage our customers. At Enable, we’ve shown customers how remote working can be responsive, collaborative, innovative and highly successful. We’ve enjoyed this collaboration with our customers and setting up success in the new ‘normal’ for us all.

What about your customers?

Very noticeable has been the starkly different abilities of businesses and government departments that have been progressive in their digital transformation, compared with those that haven’t. This difference is not simply about the ability to function remotely, but the ability to thrive remotely. It is the ability to access everything you need via mobile devices, regardless of your function, seniority or geography. To know your work platforms are accessible from anywhere, and secure. To know your staff can breathe a little easier, because they’re set up for success. To know your customers can still rely on the services and products that you provide them.

We partner with many of Australia’s state government departments of education. It’s been inspiring to see how they’ve adapted and successfully provided infrastructure and services enabling thousands of schools to deliver education remotely throughout the pandemic. Government departments that have invested in digital platforms like ServiceNow have reaped the benefits of their progressive decision making. As a result, they have more time and energy to focus on their mission and supporting citizen services.

Another positive show of intent is our large enterprise customers prioritizing their ongoing digital transformation throughout the pandemic. We’ve closed multiple A$1 million plus deals over the past three months with financial services, energy, transport, property and telecommunications businesses. These projects are across the Now Platform, including CSM, GRC, Security Operations, HR and IT workflows.


What are the biggest growth areas for Enable right now? 

As a pureplay ServiceNow partner, we’re more excited than ever about the growth and maturity of the platform. We’re complementing our award winning ServiceNow capability and certifications with advisory and industry specific solutions for telecommunications, financial services, energy and utilities, as well as the public sector. Bill McDermott’s statement about ServiceNow being the “platform of platforms” aligns with the opportunity that we strive to create for our customers. For them, there is tremendous opportunity to improve service management across their enterprise, continually improving the service experience and efficiency for their staff and customers.

Our role is to advise and enable our customers to get there quickly and achieve the enormous value associated with digital transformation. We’re doubling down on our platform capability, growing our practices and teams dedicated to CSM, GRC and HR. We’re investing further in our IT consulting capability, specifically IT Operations Management and the business value that can be created via the common service data model (CSDM). Our customers are telling us that our advisory services dedicated to their sectors, along with our experienced ServiceNow practices and capability, make us a one-stop shop for their ServiceNow roadmap.

We’re also making it easier for our customers to stay ahead of the game with their investment in ServiceNow, via our subscription offering: Customer Advisory and Support by Enable, or CASE. Right now, organisations need to be agile. They need ways to deliver their services while managing costs. They need pragmatism and flexibility from their consulting partners. Our CASE offering provides that assistance, from advice and road mapping, to project work, to mentoring, training and even capability building. Essentially, it’s what you need when you need it. At the same time, a range of CASE entitlements keep a customer’s ServiceNow platform secure, healthy and upgraded.


How do mobile platforms play into your strategy? 

100% of our projects have an embedded mobile strategy. In every industry, whether it’s B2B or B2C or the public sector, it’s imperative to provide services to customers, employees and citizens via an easily accessible platform. In the age of being able to work from anywhere, staff and customers should be able to trigger requests and workflows that extend through an organization’s back end to be resolved.

It’s not necessarily about an organization being able to provide its full offering on a mobile platform. Pragmatism should override perfection. We aim to get minimum viable products to market that are secure and useful, and then continuously improve them based on customer and user feedback.


What have you heard from your customers about how business will change after the pandemic?

We’re consistently hearing from executives that they are prioritizing the ability of their staff to operate remotely on a moment’s notice. Accepting a remote workforce means you can access the best talent wherever they may be. I think smart CEOs are going to be rethinking how they orchestrate virtual workforces to get the best outcomes for employees, customers and shareholders.

The pandemic will disrupt traditional industries beyond what was already happening. Will we still need all that corporate office space? Will central business districts ever be as busy and bustling? What about the public infrastructure and transport that supports them?

Also, globalization led workplaces to spend huge amounts on travel for meetings and conferences. I think there’s likely going to be some new thinking around that spend as well. How we’re now working will, at least in part, be the way we work ongoing. That is, a lot of people can work from anywhere, at flexible times, in outcome-driven ways. Success is all about what a person does and how well they do it.


Are you hiring nowadays? What’s your sense of the IT market in your region? 

We’ve continued to hire and grow our team during the pandemic. First and foremost, we’re an organization that works with customers on their digital transformation, in ways that uphold their business priorities. So, we need people who can engage and consult with customers at all levels. As a dedicated ServiceNow partner, we’re also on the lookout for talented developers and architects with deep platform knowledge and strong technical capabilities.


What are your key learnings from the pandemic? 

Companies with great cultures and trust in their people, partners and processes can do amazing things in a very short space of time.

Pragmatism and a focus on continual improvement crushes the idea of perfection every time. Let’s remember this as we continue collaborating and innovating post pandemic.

Digital transformation, when delivered in concert with a focus on assisting people is the biggest opportunity of our time.


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Make going back to the workplace work for everyone

Manage employee health and workplace safety

Provide a safe, employee-ready workplace with four new workflow apps and a dashboard—available now.

Simplify the complex workflows involved with returning to the workplace. ServiceNow’s Safe Workplace apps and dashboard help you manage essential needs and services for reopening. The apps were launched by ServiceNow and are available via the ServiceNow Store.

Safe Workplace apps

Prepare for your return to the workplace with four apps specifically designed to enable workforce and workplace readiness.

Employee Readiness Surveys

Gauge readiness to return to the workplace and determine how to make employees feel safe.

Employee Health Screening

Screen employees before entering the workplace for compliance with entry requirements.

Workplace PPE Inventory Management

Manage your PPE inventory across locations and facilities to meet the physical safety needs of your workforce.


Workplace Safety Management

Create a safe, managed return process with distancing plans, shift assignments, and sanitation scheduling.

Review more about the Newly available Safe Workplace Apps and Dashboard – here

Quickly assess your ability to reopen

The apps are supported by a comprehensive Safe Workplace Dashboard to help you assess your ability to reopen, displaying data from all the Safe Workplace apps in one location.


Ready to create a Safe Workplace

Reach out to your local Enable Customer Success Manager or contact us on


Need more information on Safe Workplace services

Join us for a live demo of the Safe Workplace apps and dashboard. Click here to register

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ACS Hackathon

Enable are pleased to be a part of the ACS Hackathon


The team entered a Hackathon run by the Australian Government and the Australian Computer Society (ACS) with a theme of #FlattentheCurve.

Over 2,400 competitors from around the world entered what’s been described as ‘the biggest hackathon in the Asia-Pacific’ last weekend.

The ACS “Flatten The Curve” hackathon saw more than 200 teams compete for $50,000 in prize money with 43 shortlisted across five categories: Education, Assisting Health Care, Protecting the Vulnerable, the Future of Work, and Wellness and Mental Health.

“The scale was larger than any held in APAC before, with so many competitors, mentors and partners from so many backgrounds and time zones,” said Steve Nouri, hackathon organiser and ACS Head of Data Science.

“With the hackathon totally online, we anticipated challenges in forging trust between teams, communications, accountability and team creation, but the mentors and teams rose to the occasion and delivered a great result.”

One of the categories was: Identifying and Helping vulnerable people/at risk. The ENable team built a platform called Neighbourhood Foodbox using CSM, VA, Mobile, Communities and Events. Our application allows Local Governments, Communities or Not For Profits to crowdsource food from people’s veggie patch, fruit tree’s or excess shopping and distribute it to those in need. As we know with COVID 19 there will be many more people at risk of not being able to secure enough food due to loss of income. The platform has quite a bit of automation and uses the communities event capability to organize pick up/drop off, allowing people to contribute while still keeping up social distancing and helping to #FlattentheCruve What is really amazing is that the team built a full-blown platform in a day, no smoke and mirrors.

Really amazing effort with the now familiar sounds of children in the background, dogs barking, food mixers etc.


The team created something that can help people contribute to their local communities with what they already have, strengthen their community bonds.

To take you through the app here is the silky tones of Ian White, narrating up as our Chatbot, Harry the Helper –


Free building visitor registration app

“As part of the Enable Covid-19 response, to assist companies safely managing their workplace we are offering our VisitUs application, developed by our Enable Labs division, for free during the crisis. Enable is doing all we can to help organizations keep the lights on and keep them running through this time. As an example, we have repurposed our application VisitUs (available on the ServiceNow store).

This building visitor registration application now improves the safety of essential workers or people who still have to go into offices and workplaces. And there are many millions of people in this situation! Using the application, companies can track who enters their premises and who they meet onsite. The application’s new features as part of our safety response include ‘no touch’ check-in and check-out via QR code for pre-registered visitors, and a temperature check/recording option. These features help provide visibility of hosts and visitors who may come into contact with someone who is later identified as infected. In other words, VisitUs is a viable track and trace system for building management.”


To install VisitUs for free you can click on the ServiceNow store link


Integrated risk management solution in one platform

Enable Professional Services is partnering with LexisNexis, to offer an integrated risk management solution on one platform

Enable Professional Services is excited to have partnered with LexisNexis on integrated risk management (IRM) and governance risk and compliance (GRC) solution. For Enable’s IRM/GRC clients, this partnership will improve their workflow processes, increase efficiencies and enable improved productivity, so they can keep up with the pace of regulatory changes.

Enable CEO, Bruce Hara, said, “We’re delighted to work with the trusted global brand LexisNexis. Our partnership offers real business value to our shared customers, who will have better visibility and better processes for making decisions in a compliance heavy landscape”.

Specifically, the partnership means Enable’s IRM/GRC clients can easily access comprehensive regulatory content developed by LexisNexis, via an easy-to-use dashboard and workflow platform powered by ServiceNow.

As a result, IRM/GRC clients will have greater control of their compliance obligations and be able to streamline their compliance management. Not only will they be alerted to the latest regulatory obligations, but they will have the content (authored in plain language) and tools to manage, monitor and demonstrate their compliance.

LexisNexis is a leading global provider of legal, government and corporate information solutions, providing computer-assisted legal research as well as business research and risk management services.

Enable is an Australian owned Elite partner of ServiceNow, with the unique capability to onboard the rich regulatory compliance content from LexisNexis. Using this content, and ServiceNow’s suite of GRC and IRM products, Enable can automate a customer’s GRC processes, and manage work across IT and shared service functions such as HR, Finance, Legal and Facilities.

Enable’s Director of Strategy and Innovation, Paul Thomason said,

“By collaborating with ServiceNow and LexisNexis, we have developed some truly differentiated capability. Our customers are struggling to keep up with the rapid pace of regulatory changes. But the enhanced content from LexisNexis combined with ServiceNow’s capability fills out a solution stack. Along with IoT/SmartOps, it helps customers meet the challenge of continuous IRM”.

LexisNexis Executive Director of Emerging Markets & Corporate, Myfanwy Wallwork, commented, “LexisNexis is excited to welcome Enable Professional Services as a key strategic channel partner. As market demand for LexisNexis Regulatory Compliance grows, it is important that we partner with technology providers, like Enable PS, that provide customers with best-in-class IRM/GRC solutions”.