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We’ve found that up to 83% of organisations aren’t using ServiceNow to its full potential.

The ServiceNow platform is a considerable investment – so you want to ensure you see a good return in a reasonable timeframe.

But failure to manage the platform properly, maximise adoption and introduce new features can seriously impede the value you get in return.

After implementation, many people find themselves asking: We’ve got ServiceNow.
Now what?

Unlock more value with
Enable’s CASE Service

You’ve had expert help with planning, implementing, and customising your ServiceNow platform. But why should the journey end there?

Enable’s CASE Service offers ongoing strategic guidance and practical support to help you enhance performance and deliver more value back into the business. Manage the health of your platform, while providing expert, customised advice on how to improve and unlock value, save time and costs, and innovate for ongoing benefit.

Enable’s CASE Service includes:

  • Managed services
  • Digital Strategy
  • Platform Health & Management
  • Security
  • Training & Adoption
  • Configuration and Automation Reviews
  • License Reviews

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