Digital Solutions for Energy and Utilities

Whether it’s powering an electric grid, fuelling transportation, or providing clean water, people around the world count on Energy and Utilities companies to deliver consistent, reliable services at competitive price. Enable is an experienced ServiceNow partner who will guide your organisation to implement energy enterprise service management solutions to manage the significant challenges facing your industry and will work with you to help transform operations, grow revenue, and reduce cost and risk.

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Digital solutions for Energy & Utilities to help you deliver essential services at speed

The Enable Energy and Utilities practice supports clients to manage modern challenges like profitability pressures, cybersecurity threats and a rapid compliance environment. With the right digital energy solutions, you can transform past siloed legacy systems and processes, risk and compliance gaps, and outdated customer service systems to deliver essential services in a rapid service delivery landscape.

From vision to action, Enable help you to embrace digital transformation through high-impact steps including:

· Connecting operations to a unified platform

· Achieving a holistic view for improved analytics and security

· Enhancing customer experiences through automation

· Better utilising and empower employees

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Customer Service Experience

Improve service operations and engage customers with digital workflows. Solve customer problems by bringing front, middle, and back offices together.

Audit Management

Enhance your audit assurance, help your audit managers monitor compliance efficiently and eliminate recurring audit findings.

Organisational Health and Safety

Bring extensive OH&S features to your ServiceNow platform and consolidate several siloed systems onto the Now Platform.

Business Continuity

Get a handle on disaster response and help your business recover quickly by creating effective plans with a clear visibility on dependencies.

Vendor Risk Management

Use the power of automation to transform how you do business with third parties, keeping tabs on vendor risk with transparency and consistency.

Policy & Compliance Management

Reduce effort, resolve issues proactively, and simplify compliance with expert support to help you navigate the complexities of policy and compliance management.

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