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Customer Advisory and Support by Enable (CASE)

CASE allows organizations to become more agile, innovate rapidly in ServiceNow and increase the return on their investment. CASE is a subscription service that offers ongoing strategic advisory, guidance, and practical support to enhance your ServiceNow investment. As your maturity in ServiceNow grows, this ongoing partnership with Enable will help you unlock the full potential of your platform to deliver more value back into your business.

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CASE provides you the control to achieve your future roadmap through scalable and flexible supply of ServiceNow subject matter experts. The CASE Customer Portal provides a window to your strategic and operational objectives with real-time visibility across the value benefits derived from your entitlements.​

Strategy and Advisory

CASE delivers strategic roadmaps for ongoing investment, ideas and innovation accelerators, offering resource flexibility with access to expert advisory and ServiceNow capability. By focusing on value realisation, we help you reduce fixed costs and achieves more outcomes with less time.

Support and Maintenance

CASE augments and supports your teams to provide what you need, when you need it. Access any of Enables domain expertise through flexible hours of capacity. We are there to help you to continue to get more value from service now, from taking on work to mentoring, training and even recruiting to help you build your capability.

Platform Health

The CASE team is there to ensure that your platform remains healthy and up to date, ready to take increase adoption and leverage more capability to increase the return on your Investment. We will help you become proactive around your licensing and ensure your instance maintains the latest security best practices.

Solutions that grow with you

App Factory

Accelerate the speed of digital transformation and achieve your Enterprise Service Management strategy at pace with our automation framework to onboard apps in hours, not weeks or months.

Configuration Review

Often, over time as customers expand their ServiceNow usage, they do not maintain regular up to date documentation of customisations or configurations within their ServiceNow environment. The Configuration Review provides a point in time snapshot of ServiceNow configurations that represents a holistic overview point of reference, which can be drilled down for all implemented solutions across your Partners, Development Teams and Support Teams.

Upgrade Readiness Plan

Upgrading is a regular necessity within ServiceNow to ensure a healthy platform. The CASE team will plan your upgrades and provide a detailed readiness plan that contains everything that you need to know to perform an upgrade including a schedule, timings and effort profiles so each upgrade can be forward planned. Importantly the business can be proactively engaged for testing rather than a rushed upgrade when support runs out.

Security Review

We will perform a security review on the instance, which will include an explanation of using instance hardening best practices to improve the instance compliance score, admin user counts, overviews of impersonations as well as other recommendations on steps that should be taken to ensure a secure environment.

Strategic Roadmap

Our CASE team will facilitate a series of workshops and interviews to form a comprehensive strategic roadmap. This will align the Corporate Objectives, Business Strategy and Initiatives to Strategic Drivers and reveal the capability uplifts required to achieve your goals, along with target maturity levels within specific domains. Execution of the roadmap is via a guided experience, advisory led by the CASE team to ensure alignment and deliver success.

Health Check

The CASE Health Check service ensures anything that has been done which falls outside of best practice is flagged for review. Along with recommendations, we can ensure it is addressed and any potential impacts on system stability and upgrades are mitigated.

License Review

Gain real-time visibility of your license actuals against allocated licenses. CASE provides insightful recommendations to improve licensing usage, to remain proactive on your licensing stance and have awareness of any potential licensing breaches.

Executive Dashboard

Often customers have team level (WIP) dashboards, team leader dashboards or manager dashboards (SLA focused) but rarely have executive dashboards that helps to articulate the ongoing value derived from ServiceNow. CASE provides an IT Exec Dashboard that assists when reviewing your ongoing ROI.

Automation Review

The automation review is an expert recommendation using predictive intelligence and machine learning to determine opportunities for automating and the optimisation. These include requests, incidents, customer and HR Cases plus case workflows to derive quantifiable cost reductions and productivity improvements. Common benefits include cost reduction and increased productivity via automation of workflows. The findings of an automation review can help build the business case to target ongoing budget and spend to maximise value from the ServiceNow platform.

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Offers / packages

Starting with us is easy and CASE can scale up to meet the demands of your business

CASE Corporate

CASE Corporate includes the following:

400 Hours

1 x Strategic Roadmap**

1 x Best Practice Health Check**

1 x Upgrade Readiness Plan**

1 x Executive Dashboard**

1 x Instance Security Review**

1 x License Review**

1 x Configuration Review**

1 x Automation Review**

**These services do not draw from your hours of capacity

The flexibility to top-up your allocated Hours is available at any time.

CASE Foundation

CASE Foundation includes the following:

200 Hours

1 x Strategic Roadmap

1 x Best Practice Health Check**

1 x Upgrade Readiness Plan**

1 x Executive Dashboard**

1 x Instance Security Review**

** These services do not draw from your hours of capacity

The flexibility to top-up your allocated Hours is available at any time.

CASE Managed Services

A custom package catered to the needs of your organization. Let Enable work alongside you to offer ongoing strategic advisory, guidance and practical support to enhance your ServiceNow investment.

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