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The workplace is evolving rapidly including: finding and keeping talent with the right capability; hybrid workplace models; diversity and inclusion; technological innovation; and the increased importance on purpose, sustainability, employee experience and connection. We support organisations through the entire journey of co designing your employee experience vision and roadmap, through to implementation of purpose built workflows for employees focused on the employee experience. ServiceNow enables efficiency across multi-departmental workflows such as onboarding and off boarding which requires service across many systems (e.g. HR, IT, Finance, Procurement).

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Build unified, personalised employee experiences with ServiceNow HR Service Delivery

Whether it's helping HR teams to resolve requests and cases more efficiently or providing employees with flexibility to access information or services from anywhere - it's important to be able to connect employees with HR. When you can simplify and personalise employee experiences, you enhance productivity and engagement. Enable's ServiceNow HRSD solutions make ESX easy, seamless, and efficient.

Employee Experience Vision & Roadmap

Co design your employee experience vision and roadmap with identified quick wins that can make a real difference to the employee experience at speed.

Employee Service Experience

Purpose built multi departmental workflows focused on the employee experience

Solutions that grow with you


Combine your Human Capital Management system with ServiceNow's HR Service Delivery for increased efficiency, reduced costs, improved services, and a digital platform for EX..

HRSD Advisory Expertise

Receive project strategy support, best practice advice and technical translation to ensure both functional and technical requirements are being met with human-centric design.

Employee Journey Management

Create an engaging digital journey experience to simplify and manage employee onboarding, transitioning, and exiting based on where staff and leaders are in the employee life cycle.


Improve request processes and employee experiences with central visibility of all HR work, simplifying collaboration and transfers of work between team members.

Employee Relations Management

Reduce complexities of complaints management and investigations with one central, confidential workspace for creating, managing, reporting, and recording all details of ER cases.

Self Serve Information

Provide simple and engaging content to your employees to help them resolve queries, improve productivity organisation-wide, and enhance the employee experience.

Employee Portal

Provide a single location for employees to find or request everything they need as an employee. We'll help you develop a portal that delivers a seamless experience for every employee, no matter their need or location.

Secure Case Management

Simplify, centralise, and secure how you manage HR requests and cases with consistency, utilising intelligent automation including workflows, approvals and documentation generation.

Dashboards & Reporting

Manage your HR teams' workload, enable data-driven decision making, identify trends and process bottlenecks, and forecast peaks and troughs.

ESx Advisory Expertise

Working in partnership with you, our ESX Advisory team will support the overall project strategy to ensure both functional and technical requirements are being met with human-centric design. With extensive real-life HR experience, on of our ESX Advisory leads is embedded within the project team, becoming the ‘go-to’ for platform best practice and functional translation of technical requirements and activities for you.

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