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Enable’s Industry Practices connect your unique challenges and concepts to strong service management advisory, platform capability, and depth of specialisation to drive transformation across the entire enterprise. Our Industry Practices are formed with dedicated consultants who are veterans in guiding customers on their journey to premium enterprise service management


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The challenge

What does your organisation need to be agile? Do you need ways to deliver your services in complex operating environments, or for changing users? Do you need to do more with less?


When you subscribe to CASE, our ServiceNow experts are available to augment and support your teams. Essentially, we provide what you need when you need it. Plus, we keep your ServiceNow platform secure, healthy and upgraded.


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The challenge

CSX is becoming more strategically important as the cost of sensor hardware and communication channels falls, and as sensor technology keeps innovating.


ServiceNow’s Connected Operations solution will allow you to rapidly deploy IoT devices and integrate the data feeds into your ServiceNow instance. CSX sensors will generate significant streams of data as part of the solution.

Financial services

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The challenge

We have a solution for your integrated risk management (IRM) and governance, risk and compliance (GRC) needs.


Using the ServiceNow GRC suite, our new IRM practice embeds risk management, compliance activities, and intelligent automation in your business processes.


Streamline collaboration of people and technology -making the efficiency, visibility and stability of your IT, HR, and CX processes to deliver business-wide efficiencies and improvements.


Optimise operations and service delivery, redefine strategies, and define outcomes withTelecommunications Service Management. Ignite the agility and innovation required to meet evolving market demands.


Digitise energy enterprise service management solutions, transforming essential services and operations, reducing cost, risk and increasing customer satisfaction.


Rethink community engagement and deliver consumer-style experience to citizens that’s intuitive and secure. Create adaptable and responsive solutions through digital workflows for our ever-changing world.


Alter, optimise and streamline healthcare workflows through a single secure and scalable platform to provide better experience for staff, clinicians and patients alike.


Enable seamless experiences for students, faculty, and staff, through a connected and scalable solution increasingcollaboration across departments and the entire campus.