Deliver more for your customers and staff with integrated workflows

Customer Service Experience (CSX)

It's time to get connected and automated. Expand your teams' capacity, create customer operation resilience, and improve the safety and efficiency of location-based work. Using integrated digital workflows to connect your front, middle, back office and field teams makes this all possible - and lifts your CSX to new heights.

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Be agile in your Customer Service Management

In today's ever evolving and sometimes volatile business environments, you never know when you'll need to adapt, pivot or respond quickly to customer or market changes. With a single integrated Customer Service Platform and technology, you can swiftly mobilize tactics to meet new challenges. Deliver an enterprise-level Customer Service Experience in several weeks, not months - and accelerate time-to-market for new services while ensuring consistent customer experience.

Customer Service Management (CSM)

Field Service Management (FSM)

Pro-active Customer Service Operations

Solutions that grow with you

Customer Service Experience

Improve service operations and engage customers with digital workflows. Solve customer problems by bringing front, middle, and back offices together.

Dynamic Catalogues

Telco and MSP industries are given the ability to rapidly deploy customer-specific catalogues of service offerings.

eBonding for Telecommunications

CSPs can define catalogs of services for their enterprise customers and allow customers to submit requests/track fulfilment from their own ServiceNow instance.

Order Management for Telecommunications

An application that enables telecom service providers to capture, manage, and fulfil orders from enterprise customers.

Telecommunications Service Management

Connect your entire telecom operation, from the network to the customer, with one platform to deliver proactive care and maximize the availability and quality of service.

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