A showcase of Enable's innovation at the 2023 ServiceNow Appathon

Meg Santos

Philippines Team Finalists in the ServiceNow 2023 Appathon!

We're proud to share that Team Enable in the Philippines recently competed in the ServiceNow-sponsored competition - ‘Appathon’! This competition brings together ServiceNow technology teams from across Asia to flex their app-building skills and compete for impressive prizes and accolades.  

Teams had a short period of time to build and submit their ServiceNow configurable proof-of-concept applications that responded to one of the five following themes:

  • Digital / Smart Cities
  • Modernisation of Healthcare  
  • Breakthrough in CX
  • Environmental, Social and Governance  
  • Disruptive Banking and Financial Industry Solutions

Team Enable built an app called 'e-hersisyo' (‘exercise’ in English), in response to the significant impacts the pandemic has had on work arrangements. The pandemic-related growth in work-from-home arrangements is further fueling sedentary lifestyle habits that pose risks to health, such as obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Team Enable's app can be uniquely integrated with ServiceNow's CSM and portal, as well as Apple Health Tracker devices - these integrations help users track exercise progress and earn rewards. The app also provides personalized workout plans, allowing users to choose their preferred exercise challenge based on their fitness level, time availability, and exercise preferences. The team believes that e-hersisyo can benefit many people, especially those struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle while working from home.

How long did it take them to develop 'e-hersisyo'?  

Amazingly the team was able to develop 'e-hersisyo' in just under one week! Not only did they demonstrate their technical expertise and creativity in using the ServiceNow platform, but they’ve also built an app with the potential to positively impact people's health and promote better work-life balance.

This year, Enable’s team made it all the way to the Grand Finale!! Unfortunately, they did not take out the win but are ready to give their best effort in 2024.  

Congratulations again to Team Enable - Philippines!